veg tanned leather straps for belts sprawled across the floor taking up most of the image.

Custom leather goods and handmade knives .


Have an idea and need me to create it? You came to the right place!

Fully Customized Belts

Most of my belts are made to order, but I'll also have others that I may post that I just decide to make. If you want a custom belt, feel free to contact me and I'll be sure to work closely with you so you can get a quality product that's tailered just for you.

Leather and steel

Custom handmade knives and leather goods.


You're an artist! I'm so fucking pumped to wear that!

Brian A.

This knife is huge! People are gonna think I'm nuts. I love it!

Paulie B.

I'm so proud of you son. You have hands of gold.

My mom and dad.


You can call or text @ 910-788-0050

Or email me @

Antique black stained hand made custom belt with the phrase "buy the ticket, take the ride," by hunter S. Thompson that was hand stitched and is resting on a black anvil on pallet boards.